How to Find an E-Commerce Accountant: 7 Key Questions to Ask


If you have been through the series from start to finish, we’d love to hear what you thought. They should also be able to adapt quickly to rapid change and steep learning curves – it’s just the nature of ecommerce. A good time to start looking is when your business is making enough to become your full-time endeavor (approximately US$20,000-$50,000 turnover). Several factors will influence when you decide to bring in an accountant. Generally, the biggest concern is whether you’re making enough to warrant investing in help.

Yorkshire Accountancy Limited: Maximise Your Business Profits With The Help Of An Accountant – Yahoo Finance UK

Yorkshire Accountancy Limited: Maximise Your Business Profits With The Help Of An Accountant.

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Ideally, your e-commerce tax accountant will have at least two to five years of experience working with e-commerce businesses. Keep in mind that your e-commerce tax accountant must know the basics, such as proper revenue recognition, inventory and sales tax. These are key areas that your e-commerce business needs to consistently monitor to stay in compliance with regulatory agencies.

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Knowing how to read an income statement is a must for every entrepreneur and startup founder. Your eCommerce accounting income statement will tell you how much revenue you’re generating. Shopify can be used as a one-stop shop to hold all the sales information from your different ecommerce sales channels. It tracks each of the different channels and then puts together a report to give you visibility into how many products were sold via each channel.


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How to Finance Your eCommerce Company

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  • Several factors will influence when you decide to bring in an accountant.
  • If you are making over $30,000 a year in e-commerce sales, you may benefit from the assistance an accountant brings.
  • If you have raised VC money, you can raise Venture Debt with no personal guarantee.
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  • Whether you’re an e-commerce business or accountant, our software helps get rid of your bookkeeping headache and allows you to focus on growth.
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Does the accountant understand international tax obligations?

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  • Most accounting firms, Seller Accountant included, expect to start your business’s accounting with a cleanup project.
  • You’re an expert in your industry, whether it’s creating a product or providing services.
  • A good e-commerce tax accountant will be worth more than the price you pay in the value they provide your business on a regular basis.
  • This plan shows you how your business can grow its revenues and profits.
  • The idea is that you can review overall sales from your own website or app, and every other retail channel, consolidating everything from your customer reports to inventory management.
  • These metrics that relate to cash management and profit analysis will help you make effective decisions.

A traditional accountant may have the knowledge you need to run your online store off an ecommerce platform or track your key metrics, but even the most experienced ecommerce accountant needs the right tools. An eCommerce entrepreneur rarely puts all of their eggs into one basket . They will probably use multiple channels to promote their goods and may even use third-party logistics companies to warehouse and ship their wares. You need to track how much of the product is still in production, how much is en route, at customs, warehoused, or being processed as returns. Inventory management impacts your financial reporting, especially your cash flow, so it’s important to keep on top of it.


Credentials, experience, services offered and costs are factors to consider when it comes to hiring an e-commerce tax accountant. E-commerce has been around since 1979; however, recent years have shown high growth with a 50% increase expected by 2025. All the online business models or simple eCommerce is the most complicated aspect, which is very difficult to operate. Ranging from inventory management to the proper understanding of the r marketing spend and shopping relationships, eCommerce business managers have a lot of things to mint within their plates.

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